Dryshod Warranty

Dryshod USA, LLC

(“Dryshod”) warrants to the original customer, that its footwear will be free
from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from time of

Due to Dryshod’s inability to control the quality of products sold by unauthorized retail partners,
our warranty will only apply to products sold by authorized retail partners within the United States,
or Dryshod itself at www.dryshodusa.com. Dryshod reserves the right to reject warranty claims for
Dryshod products purchased from unauthorized sellers, including unauthorized internet sites.

This Limited Warranty does not cover any damage arising from normal wear and tear, failure
to adequately maintain and store the footwear, unauthorized alterations,
repairs or modifications not performed by Dryshod, footwear used other than in
the manner intended, improper or inadequate fit, use of safety boot after such
boot has sustained damage rendering it unsafe for use in the environment for
which it was designed, damage caused by chemical or foreign substances. Dryshod does not warrant any
of its footwear provides protection from snake bites or bites from other wildlife and is not
liable for personal injury resulting from such bites. However, certain products have been tested by
an independent third-party testing facility and have passed tests for
resistance to standard snake bites.

To make a warranty claim, we ask that you first return the product to the original seller
from whom you purchased the product from. We authorize our retail partners to facilitate warranty issues
as they arise within the terms of our warranty noted above. If the product was purchased directly from Dryshod,
please contact us from our website at www.dryshodusa.com to obtain a return authorization.

The warranty period shall begin on the date of purchase as shown on the receipt/invoice.
In the event a product is deemed to be defective by the manufacturer, Dryshod, or our authorized retail
partners can replace the product at their discretion. If the original product is not available, Dryshod or our
authorized retail partners can provide an alternative product for replacement that is comparable or of equal
value based on Dryshod’s discretion.

You will be asked to provide proof of purchase by our retail partners and/or from Dryshod.
This will come in the form of a receipt or invoice showing date of purchase.If no invoice or
receipt is available, Dryshod will use the price listed on our own website less 20%.