About Us

NYoutftr, the first online Authorized Dealer of Dryshod Boots.

Along with Dryshod Footwear, we now offer Classic Sporting Books.

NYoutftr is an ecommerce business owned and operated by Betty and David DiLello in Apalachin, New York.

1993 we started our first retail business, Timber Creek Sportsman Shop, a full service outfitter in the Northeast that specialized in Fly Fishing & Wing Shooting, Best Quality clothing, footwear and outdoor equipment.

1997 our ecommerce website first went live, yes even before Paypal was created.

2008 we transitioned to ecommerce only, with Muck Boot Outlet, one of the first online retailers for Muck.

In 2017, radical changes were made by Honeywell Inc, then owners of Muck did not align with our customer service goals. As those changes were happening, the original founder of Muck, Jim Donahue formed a team and started a new company, Dryshod.

2018 evolving into NYoutftr, with our decades of experience, were the first retailer offered to team up with the new technology of Dryshod Boots on the internet, make us your choice for boots and books.

The most efficient way to contact us is through message.

If you choose to our office number is:

(607) 427-9112